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Bulk logistics

Providing bulk transport solutions for powders, liquids and gases.

Ireland & UK Bulk Transport

Our tanker division operates at the heart of bulk logistics. It is, arguably, our most highly specialised division. Operating from our depots in Ballynure, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool and Preston, our dedicated tanker fleet is driven by highly trained employees who operate at the peak of their profession. They are immersed in a culture that is process-driven and where safety is paramount.

Bulk Powder Transportation

Woodside Tankfreight can transport the complete range of bulk powder products throughout the UK and Ireland, always to the highest of standards and ensuring a totally dependable, safety-focused service, every time.

We have made substantial investment in trucks and bulk tankers suitable for food and non-food products. All tankers are fitted with the latest hygiene & safety features. Our Bulk Powder operation includes use of Bulk Silo Tanks, Vacuum Tanks, discharge of Pressurised ISO containers as well as Self Discharge Units (SDUs/Bag in Box) and Tipping Chassis.

Bulk Liquid Transportation

We are widely recognised as a leading transporter of bulk liquids. Our versatile and dedicated bulk liquid fleet includes single and multi-compartment tankers, Road Tankers, ISO Tanks.

Our food grade fleet is designed to carry a wide diversity of food grade liquids, including edible oils (SCOPA Accredited) , fruit juices, beers and dairy products. We also have a diverse general purpose and ADR liquid tanker fleet designed to carry a wide range of products including molasses, lubricants, general chemicals, nitric acid, and ammonia solution. 

Bulk Gas Transportation

The accumulation of our 40 years experience and deep specialist knowledge of this sector has  enabled us to become one of the leading bulk gas transporters in the island of Ireland, and increasingly, throughout the UK.  

This is an area where order fulfilment windows are often narrow and where the ability to react quickly and flexibly to operational problems, such as last minute orders, is vital.  We believe that our customer-focused approach to such issues has earned us our reputation for safe, dependable and cost-effective services in this bulk transport sector.  


We can monitor your storage tanks and silo levels and schedule deliveries accordingly ensuring you never run out of supplies.  Call us today to find out more.




Additional Info

  • Experienced Drivers

    All our drivers are trained to the highest standards at our in-house Training Centres at Ballynure and Liverpool, where considerable emphasis is placed on Safety & the Environment.

  • Irish Sea Shipping

    Over the years, we have developed strong links with all the major shipping lines across the Irish Sea from the ports of Belfast, Larne, Dublin, Birkenhead and Heysham.  As a result we have dedicated shipping spaces every day across all major routes.

  • Investment in Equipment

    Woodside Tankfreight can work with you and discuss your contract requirements, and if need be, we can invest in specialist equipment to meet your needs.

  • Decanting and Product Transfer

    Sometimes our customers require their product to be transferred from one storage format into another. We specialise in the decanting products including bulk containers such as from bag to box, tank to tank and tank to IBC.

    For planned or emergency situations
    We provide a specialist silo evacuation and temporary storage service. This allows you to undertake your own silo and plant repair, deal with mechanical failure, or resolve product contamination issues.

  • In House Specialist Cleaning

    A dedicated tanker fleet deserves a dedicated tanker cleaning service, and that is exactly what we operate at our Ballynure depot. There may be other service providers out there who could fulfil this function for us in Ireland but we doubt they could consistently deliver the scrupulous standards of cleanliness we demand of our tanks, inside and out.  At Woodside Tankfreight we maintain rigorous H&S standards.

  • Dedicated Team

    Our resourceful, dedicated and multi-skilled team of management, planners, customer service reps and drivers ensure that your goods are delivered on time and hassle free.

    Our team have been in the bulk tanker business for many years and their wealth of experience ensures that the process is smooth and efficient.  

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