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Haulage Services rebrands to Woodside Tankfreight

As of Monday 4th November, the tank division of Woodside Logistics Group will now be known as Woodside Tankfreight.

Haulage Services was originally acquired back in 1996. At that time, we decided to keep the name and identity as it was well established within the marketplace. The branding had always been completely different to that of the Group’s wider fleet, and hence we have often been mistaken as a separate business.

Over recent years, the business’s group of services has been re-branded to Woodside Logistics Group, allowing us to position ourselves as a key logistics player across the UK & Ireland marketplace.

Our new tanks come in two different styles - white on green, and vice-versa.  Bringing the bulk tanker division in-line with this branding means that we now provide a clear and distinctive suite of services to our customers.

Some of these newly branded tanks are already out on the road, with more being added in the coming months, as we transition and phase the new look tanks into the fleet.

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