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Why Woodsides?

With over 50 years in the industry, we have grown organically to become one of the leading logistics firms across the UK and Ireland. More and more businesses are choosing us as their preferred partner in supply chain logistics.

Joined Up Logistics

With five business divisions forming the Woodside Group of services, we can support you across every stage of your supply chain. From transporting the raw materials for manufacturing, to distributing the finished goods throughout the UK and Ireland and globally via our freight forwarding service (Woodside Global), we are with you at every stage of your product life-cycle.

For example, through our bulk tanker division (Woodside Tankfreight), we deliver flour to bread manufacturers and then transport the finished loaves of bread for onward distribution (via Woodside Distribution or Woodside Haulage). We also transport the raw ingredients of sugar, glucose and CO2 for the manufacturing of cider, and then transport the cider in its final state across the UK and Ireland. 

At our Ballynure site, we also provide BRC AA graded warehousing, offering an additional storage and fulfilment service for our customers. 

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing our impact on the environment is ingrained across all areas of the business. Our focus is to continuously address areas for improvement as a means to protect, conserve and enhance the environment around us.

Carbon Offsetting Initiatives

To reduce our impact on the environment, we are working to offset CO2 emissions through a variety of tree planting initiatives across the UK and Ireland.


We have joined the Refillution by supplying staff with reusable drinking bottles to help cut back on plastic waste. Through the Refill scheme, staff can hydrate for free on the go, by filling their bottles with tap water across a wide range of UK locations.

Sustainable Transport

We have invested in a modern fleet of trucks - these are Euro 6 compliant (the latest directive set by the European Union to help reduce the level of harmful pollutants produced by new vehicles). In addition, we have a CNG fuelled truck, with two LNG trucks purchased for delivery.

Standards and Accreditations

We adhere to a range of health & safety, environmental and quality standards. Compliance is crucial to ensure that we protect the safety of our employees, customers and members of the public, reduce our impact on the environment and deliver high levels of customer service at all times.

Continued Professional Development

Training and development doesn't just focus on our office-based staff, our drivers receive 35 hours of periodic training which they must complete every 5 years. 

  • Drivers are supported by our team of dedicated driver trainers
  • Our trainers focus on driving efficiencies through improved fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions
  • We are an approved CPC training centre

Our vehicles are are fitted with state of the art safety features including camera systems. This coupled with our in-house repair and maintenance garage, means that we have one of the safest fleets on the road.


Investment in the latest technology allows us to provide a real-time system for tracking and greater efficiencies for reporting and invoicing.

Our Traffic Management System (TMS) is at the core of our activities. It interfaces with all other systems, including vehicle GPS, shipping companies, 3rd party customer systems and invoicing. We can provide bespoke reports on all activity within our TMS.

In-house Maintenance and Repair

You don't need to worry about delays due to a broken down truck. Our fleet of trucks are not just new, but they are also maintained around the clock at our Ballynure warehouse.

With a team of engineers and mechanics, we repair our vehicles and trailers to help ensure that all vehicles are operational. Our focus is to keep the flow of goods moving, and to prevent delays to our customer's supply chains.

Modern Fleet

With a modern fleet, our drivers also benefit from:

  • On-board truck telemetry
  • Satellite tracking
  • Cameras / CCTV on fleet – forward facing cameras
  • Advanced truck safety packages
  • Lane Keeping Support
  • Driver Alert Support
  • Lane Keeping Support (blind spot monitor)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control

Reputation & Reliability

Ensuring that your goods get to their destination on time every time is key to building a reputable brand. We have grown to become a trusted and reliable partner in supply chain management solutions.

Financial Strength

Our financial strength as a business is another reason for our continued growth and success. We maintain a healthy revenue and profit margin which is key for business longevity, preparing for economic and marketplace uncertainties and in attracting new business.

Group Values

The business has grown organically for over 50 years, with core success originating from the Group's SPIRIT values which stand for: Safety, Professionalism, Innovation, Reliability, Integrity, Teamwork,

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